Kayla Joy


Okay, friends, it’s been a minute! But I have good excuses! So remember back when I was talking about doing things that you love? Well I decided to do that. I mean, I love writing, but I have other loves, too! One of them being music. For the longest, I’ve been an avid songwriter and had never really pushed my songs out (to a place where other people who weren’t me got to hear them)! While I’m still working with getting my original songs recorded, I thought to jumpstart this whole thing I’d put up a few covers. To sort of get my juices flowing. I’m really excited and I am so glad I can finally share it!

I think that, even in everyday monotony, it’s important to feed yourself, regardless of the outcome. Whether it’s cooking, writing, music, fitness, or playing with puppies, not giving yourself little pleasures will probably have you feeling dull and resentful towards all of your “Have-To’s” and that’s no good! I personally have a lot of things I have to do and a lot of things I love to do. Most of these overlap, but there’s always that one little thing that’s just yours and what we have to remember is that’s also super important!

Anyway, I digress. The last couple of weeks I’ve also started school and, I don’t know how many of you are in the same boat but, doesn’t it seem like grad school is even more inconvenient for some reason?! Don’t get me wrong! I am grateful to be able to get my education because A LOT of people can’t. I just also feel that some of my professors…well…any way! Are any of you in the same boat as me? If you are, you can do it! “…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” and whatnot! I feel like I’m in a place this semester where I need to hear that so maybe one of you needed to also. And it’s not specific to just students. Work can tucker you out too so if you’ve had a long week and are already cringing thinking about [your] Monday, sending thoughts your way!

xo Kayla Joy

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