So, 24 hours isn’t enough…

Instead of apologizing for being terrible at blogging on time, I’m just gonna go with it lol. So, my dog needs a bath. And I need to make more baby food so my kid doesn’t starve. Oh and also my house is a wreck. I should probably clean it. And I’ve got two assignments due tonight that I haven’t started and Easter is Sunday and I need to get my baby an Easter basket. And by the way, my baby is trying out this new sleep pattern called “ridiculous” and I think he thinks it’s a little funny because whenever I walk into his room to give him his pacifier (again) he’s laughing. Then there’s the fact that here and there I still try to sing. Currently I sing background vocals for a local Houston artist. Im also trying to get back into shape so there’s that.

Let’s be a little realistic. I’m not going to get all of those things done within the timeframe that I’d like. I make plans all the time but things never ever go according to plan. Not at my house lol. But I’m going to have to find a way to get all of these things done anyway, regardless of if some things take priority and others get done later. It would be extremely easy for me to stress over all of the different things going on in my life. Sooooo easy. I know because that used to be wha I did! But now I’m looking back on those different experiences and I’m kicking myself because I spent so much time stressing that I missed out on the enjoyment of it all. I feel like it’s time to start learning from my mistakes instead of repeating them. And in light of that, I’m looking at my little boy and how fast he’s growing and I’m paying attention to him. I’m also making sure I enjoy my time as a new wife. Yes, I’m also a grad student, a person who likes to sing, and an aspiring writer (#oxfordcommamagic) and I think it’s important for me to pay those things attention too, in their own way, because I will miss this part of my life a year from now, regardless of whether my circumstances are “better” then. Sooo, I’m hoping that we can all just remember to have fun living in this moment, even if it’s a stressful time, even if things aren’t going the way we’d like, and even as we’re looking forward to what comes next!!!

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