Filling Time During Coronavisus Pandemic

Is this not one of the strangest times ever to be alive? I don’t know about everyone else, but I have been feeling super strange. I am currently at home with my husband and kids, but I’m always home with my kids so why do I feel any different? There’s just something different in the air–not Covid–something that feels like a buzzing or someone’s fingertips hovering over your skin. It’s eerie. It’s uncomfortable. This is where emotionally sound people switch gears. They make lists of things they wanted to do but haven’t had the time to until now. They call their parents. They focus on their physical health.

To be clear, I know that like half of us are binge-watching Netflix, but I’m trying to be positive here.

Anyway, there are some people who are thriving. And there are also some who are not. I think that, in times like these, things sort of sneak up on us. Out of nowhere, we have all of this time to think. To really be alone with our thoughts. All of a sudden, we’ve actually got to deal with our stuff. To be clear, it doesn’t even have to be anything particularly heavy. Some of you are probably thinking about how quarantine sucks because there’s a girl or guy you can’t see. Someone is wondering how much weight you’re going to gain while sitting at home eating Oreos all day.

Okay I’m someone.

Regardless of what this quiet time has you pondering, I want to take the next couple of blog posts to share with you guys a few of my new favorite things: A list of the what I am reading/watching/doing to combat the quarantine blues.

This post is going to specifically be about what I’m reading. I think that, in times when worry can really get the better of us, a fantastic way to ease the mind is to sit down with a good book and a hot cup of tea. Cliché, I know, but this is literally my happy place. Anyway, below you’ll find a list of my favorite things to read during quarantine:

I always have my nose in a few different books at once. One of the things I studied in undergrad was poetry, so I definitely read a lot of that, but I naturally gravitate towards very specific nonfiction as well. One of my favorite books (which is actually a novel but feels super autobiographical) is Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. I won’t write too much about this because I don’t feel like I even have adequate words to fully explain it. I will say that this book is an emotional pilgrimage between mother and son and the prose is just so beautiful, probably because Vuong is a poet first. His collection of poetry, Night Sky with Exit Wounds was released while I was still in college and he did a reading at my school. That is where I fell in love with his way of interpreting the world and people and bodies. Anyway, I recommend reading it!

If you’re more interested in fiction, I am here for you! Have you read Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On? Or the sequel, which is fairly new, Wayward Son? OHMYGOSH. My sister and I sort of read these together we don’t even have the same taste in literature. But HOLY FREAKING COW! This series is kind of like Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries had a baby. Everything you read (if you’re in your mid-ish twenties like me) from elementary to high school comes together in an extremely eloquent, fantasy-driven adventure. Who wouldn’t want to get into that? So so so good!

Okay, say you like fiction, but you’re not so much info the whole fantasy thing. As a matter of fact, let’s pretend that, instead of calming your mind, you want to take a mental deep dive right into the middle of a dystopian society. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is the book for you. I haven’t finished it yet and the The Testaments is on deck, but the writing is just so descriptive and sharp.

I know we’re all looking for a way to enjoy our time while being all cooped up, but sometimes the greatest escape from reality is found in a book. These are just my suggestions.

What are you guys reading right now?

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