What to Binge During COVID-19 Pandemic

Okay so my last blog had some information about what you can read to ease your mind during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Before we get into what we should be binging, this is a reminder to check out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website for more information on corona and symptoms to be on the lookout for.

I hope everyone is enjoying reading about how we can fill our time while staying home. In this blog, I want to talk about what to watch depending on your mood. I think that its super important to spend some time just relaxing with family and loved ones and bonding over a fantastic television show is a fantastic way to do that.

I can’t say that I have a favorite TV show. It’s like asking me about my favorite book or song. Or child. For me, it’s all about the genre. I really like psychological thrillers but I also enjoy my fair share of reality TV.

Seriously, I watch a lot of reality TV. Like a lot.

Anyway, I want to share with you some of my favorite shows and tell you why I am absolutely obsessed with them! My favorite serious show is called Ozark. I don’t want to give too much away, but Season 3 is already available so I feel like you should already know the basic idea. The main guy has to leave Chicago to go to a tiny town and launder money for the Mexican cartel. I don’t know why, but I am just fascinated by the whole money laundering situation. All of the trouble he has to go through to pretend all that cash is coming from a legitimate place. Anyway, super interesting, kinda violent, but a great watch. Plus, there area already enough episodes to really get a good binge-session in.

The next three shows are sort of connected because of the author and an overlapping cast, so bare with me and my hysterics.

Now I know I mentioned The Handmaid’s Tale in the last post, and you should definitely read Margaret Atwood’s book, but have you seen the show? IT’S SO GOOD! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to a new season every single time the one I’m watching ends. There’s more information on the show here. I really feel strongly about this one so check it out. And while you’re doing that, Margaret Atwood also wrote Alias Grace, and now the show is another fabulous psychological thriller. AND the guy who plays the psychiatrist in Alias Grace is also on ANOTHER fantastic show called The English Game, which would really remind you of Downton Abbey which, I know I haven’t mentioned, yet but I AM OBSESSED with. And have you seen the movie??? You know, I think in another life I was probably an English aristocrat, sipping on tea and raising my eyebrows at people who came to my dinner parties in the wrong dress coat. I digress.

Who here likes reality TV as much as I do? We can’t talk about binge-worthy TV without mentioning all of the 90 Day Fiancé franchises. Personally, I love watching Before the 90 Days and then going right into Pillowtalk, where the couples who lasted are sitting in bed, sometimes with their kids, watching the new couples go through what they already experienced. So I guess Pillowtalk is basically a reaction video. BUT IT’S SO FUNNY!

If you’re into dating shows, and if you’re wondering why you’ve been seeing so many memes about a blonde girl named Jessica talking to herself about being “10 years older than Mark”, Love is Blind is the show for you! I can’t even really explain this one. It’s on Netflix, just do yourself a service and go have a laugh. At Jessica.


Okay this reality show is sort of my guilty pleasure: Love After Lockup. Yup. I said it. Why aren’t you watching Love After Lockup? Again, not something I can really explain. It’s just so funny to me. Like it genuinely makes me laugh. It picks me up when I’m feeling down. IT’S FREAKING HILARIOUS. Try it out, thank me later.

On a slightly more serious note

I want to shoutout a few people who have been going on Instagram live simply because they wanted to cheer up their fans and give them something positive to focus on. If you’ve been on Insta, you’ve probable noticed that there are celebrities talking to people about their mental health and coping with coronavirus and everything it has effected. 

Here is my list of who to watch for positive brain vibes on Insta:

@mileycyrus has a show called Bright Minded where she speaks to family, friends, and medical professionals about keeping a positive outlook while dealing with tough circumstances.

@tameramowrytwo and her husband @adamhousley go live every weeknight while they make dinner for their families. You’ll catch them talking about their marriage, their struggle being away from close family, and just being silly.

My favorite is @justinbaldoni, who goes on live to speak about his own struggles with anxiety. He randomly adds his viewers into the live stream, he does breathing exercises, and he makes sure to be as consistent as he can with being live at night, when people who struggle with anxiety and depression are typically at their most vulnerable.

So, whether you’re looking to be entertained or find solace in a difficult time, these are my picks!

Who else is watching celebs on live?


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