How I’ve Stayed Active During COVID-19

Happy Cinco de Mayo 🌮 🌮

Has anyone besides me been having one of those days/weeks/months/2020s? Ugh. And I can’t really put my finger on it. Everything is bothering me. My husband’s breathing too loud. My kids are obsessed with me. I’m suddenly feeling claustrophobic in a house I’ve been at home in every day for a year. So what changed?


Yup. I know my last couple of blogs have been a broken record. But, you guys, COVID-19 has got me feeling crazy. And if you’re feeling anything like me, you’re probably working pretty hard to keep yourself busy. We’ve talked about what to read and what to watch, but now I want to talk about some things we should be doing with all of our free time…

or at least what I’m doing.

One thing I’ve been really dedicated to lately is working out. After having babies, I had been struggling to be consistent with working out. I’d go hard for maybe 10 or so days (and “hard” is relative right now because childbirth has definitely changed my body 🙃) and then I’d be like,

you know what, Kayla? You deserve those Oreos.

“You haven’t had cake in a while…have a slice..have two.

“Homemade whipped cream? On top of ice cream? Every night? Sure!”

After that, I’d just give up for a while and after a month or so, the cycle would begin again. So what did I do to combat that useless cycle? Well the first thing I did was I stopped trying to run 3 miles a day right off the bat. I was so intensely focused on getting back to where I was that I didn’t give my body the chance to actually work back up to that. And then I’d get frustrated when I couldn’t deliver, which made me stop trying altogether. I had to remind myself that, when I first started really exercising years ago, I wasn’t doing a 5k run. On the contrary, I was just hoping I’d stay on the treadmill for more than a couple of minutes, walking or running. This is all to say that I needed to find something, one time thing, that I could commit to doing daily to just get my heart rate up for maybe 20-30 minutes.

So what did I do since I wasn’t up for running?

I decided to try yoga. I have been doing Yoga With Adriene and @fwfglife, the community she’s created, every single day for 30 days now. This is a practice designed with both beginners and experts in mind. It’s fantastic, Adriene is fantastic, and…….YOU CAN DO IT AT HOME!!! There is a lot of deep breathing (I’m into it) but more importantly, there’s a lot of moving!!

Another thing we’ve been doing as a family is taking walks near our home (don’t worry, we’re typically the only ones out there). I don’t know what it is, but there’s something extra amazing about being outside when you can’t actually gather. Even though I don’t actually like to “gather”. It’s the strangest thing! Anyway, taking walks (or getting into the car and going for a drive, even) is something that I just love so much these days. Plus, not only am I getting a change of scenery, I’m moving my body! It’s so completely essential right now–I know how ya’ll are eating…

So I guess what I’m trying to say is we are going to get through this, but let’s continue to take care of ourselves! At some point, life will move forward and we’ll need to be ready to jump back in.

Until next time, friends


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